Stop panic attack.
Anxiety relief.

Anxiety Stop app is an automated system of breathing exercises
that are clinically practiced by patients with anxiety disorders.

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Key features

Slow down breathing

With breathing exercises, enhance your breathing technique and slow down your breathing rhythm.

Stop panic attacks

A button for instant start of breathing exercises which aim to help you ease panic attacks.

Daily exercise schedule

Smooth notifications to remind you of four 5-minute long breathing exercises to perform every day.

Relieve anxiety

Regulated breathing practices treat anxiety disorders, PTSD, depressive disorders, etc.

Increase lung capacity

Also recommended to sportspeople to balance breathing rhythm and increase lung capacity.

Log & track progress

By saving your exercises and anxiety episodes track your progress and witness your improvement.

Slow Breathing – don’t panic.

Regular, daily practice of slowing down your breathing (at least four times a day) will help you realize you can control your breathing rhythm. Thus you will be able to prevent a panic attack before the first symptoms appear.

Take control

Act when the first symptoms appear and stop the panic attack.

Practice daily

the more you practice, the higher the possibility to prevent the attack.

Slowing breathing technique.

Breathing exercises should be regular – four times a day, every day. Each exercise has three phases, lasting about 5 minute altogether. Exercises consist of alternate periods of breathing and not breathing, clearly shown in instructions.

Fewer symptoms after three months94%
Fewer symptoms after three weeks57%

The best app for anxiety.

With breathing exercises, you will enhance your breathing technique, slow down your breathing rhythm and increase your lung capacity. As a result, the capacity of oxygen saturation increases, which will help reduce the anxiety.

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Stop panic attack. Instantly.

Besides regular breathing exercises app has the STOP PANIC NOW button to help you deal with any sudden episode of panic attack. Press this button when you feel it’s coming.

Fast control gain

Use this button when you need first aid in panic attack.

Log your attack

While using Stop Panic you can log intensity, description, etc.

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